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Gas Stations: Refueling Vehicles, Refreshing People

With the objective of delivering high quality oil via standard, modern service points where the needs of all target groups are met, PetroTrade provides customers nationwide with gas stations that are well designed to suit each area. The neighborhood, distance from the road and other factors are taken into account to ensure highly efficient services and maximum convenience for service u sers. To date , the company offers four types of gas stations: PLUS Platinum, PLUS Gold, PLUS Standard, and PLUS Thongthin Pattana.

PLUS Platinum Station (PTN)

A PLUS Platinum Station has a plot of 60x80 square meters and is equipped with six fuel dispensers, making a total of 28 operational nozzles at any single time.

Designed to serve as a meeting venue for people that offers one-stop services, a PLUS Platinum Station also houses a convenience store, ‘PLUS Daily Mart’; a car care service center, ‘Moly Care’; food and drink stores; and an ATM. It typifies a ‘life gas station’ providing integrated services to meet customer needs.

PLUS Gold Station (GLD)

A PLUS Gold Station covers an area of 50x60 square meters and is equipped with four fuel dispensers. This allows it to serve twelve cars at a time.

Embracing unique modern design and safe construction, PLUS Gold Stations are found in urban areas. Although smaller than PLUS Platinum, they provide the same amenities.

PLUS Standard Station (STD)

A PLUS Standard Station has an area of 40x50 square meters. Equipped with six fuel dispensers, this allows it to serve fourteen to sixteen cars at a time. This type of station provides services in areas adjacent to main roads or close to the downtown area. It is PetroTrade’s standard service point operated via the CODO (Company Own Distributor Operation) approach, in which the company is the owner while co-investors manage the business by themselves.

PLUS Thongthin Pattana Station (THN)

A PLUS Thongthin Pattana Station occupies an area of 15x20 square meters and has two fuel dispensers. It is one of PetroTrade first gas station models and is designed to serve drivers in remote areas, conforming to its founder’s intention to deliver quality oil at fair prices to the nation.

Number of service points in 2014

Total 138 Stations


Fuel Price Update (25/07/2024)

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