Our Future

PetroTrade envisages future opportunities where economic competition will become much more intense owing to implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the rising domestic consumption of energy in response to the government’s policy of bolstering national economic growth and turning Lao PDR from a land locked country into a land-linked hub of the region. Additionally, oil traders will adjust themselves to meet the needs in the market where consumer behavior keeps changing.

*Strategic Planning of 2014


Gas Stations: Rest Areas & Meeting Points

PetroTrade plans to expand its service points, especially PLUS Platinum Stations, which provide refuelling and car maintenance services, convenience stores, food stores, coffee shops and car care service in both Lao PDR and neighboring countries. Fifty branches are expected to be established by 2018 and this will not only create value added to gas stations but also fulfil customer demand as the stations also serve as rest areas and meeting places.

For other types of PLUS gas stations, an addition of 250-300 branches will be established.


Domestic Expansion Plan (2015-2018)


Seeking Additional Project Customers, Creating Economic Ties

PetroTrade is prompt to deliver quality services to both public and private projects including hydroelectric dam construction and road construction, as well as industrial factories, companies and retailers.

Plan to Increase Project Customers (2015-2018)


AEC ... Turning Land-locked Lao PDR into a Major Land Link

Apart from upgrading its gas stations and branching out nationwide to extend up-to-date services to customers at all levels, PetroTrade has set up a proactive plan to reach out to the ASEAN market.

Plan for Investment in ASEAN Members


Plan to expand sales 2014-2018




Fuel Price Update (25/07/2024)

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