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Petrotrade: Energy for the Nation, Energy for Development

The Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company (PetroTrade) was founded with the vision of delivering quality oil at a fair price to all areas for better quality of life. This inspiration came from the firsthand experiences of the founder who perceived that access to fuel supply in remote areas is usually a problem…and this creates significant economic damage.

As a member of the Phongsavanh Group, Petroleum Trading Lao Company Limited was founded on 6 April 2008 with registered capital of 28.8 billion Lao kip (LAK). Lao citizens are the primary investors in the business.

Later, the company increased registered capital to LAK350 billion or US$45 million in 2013 to expand its business pursuant to its vision.

On 9 October 2014, PetroTrade was registered as a public company and was listed on the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) on 9 December 2014 to attract Lao and foreign investors as shareholders. The company has written a new page in Lao history in the context of being the first local company in the petroleum business to be listed on the LSX.

Vision: Integrated Business ... Regional Growth

For leading companies to establish positions at national and regional levels, a clear and present goal needs to be defined. For PetroTrade, the goal was set at its inception:

Be a leader of the petroleum and petrochemical business in Lao PDR and commercially link with ASEAN nations within 2015.

PetroTrade has multiple missions:

• To establish a privately-owned integrated petroleum business in Lao PDR.
• To be well-accepted and trusted by the general public.
• To expand and diversify its business on a regional basis.
• To create and share benefits among stakeholders and civil society.

This will be accomplished through:

• The generation of trust among consumers and business partners.
• Professionalism in management and service, employing innovative approaches and the use of cutting edge technology.


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